select system type universal system cooking system smoking system baking system ripening system shower intensive cooling climate ripening climate smoke climate storage select heating electric with water nozzles electric low pressure steam low pressure steam only high pressure low pressure steam high pressure steam vent only analog (0-10V, Gas, high pressure, water) select main fan type analog (0-10V) one rate two rates (delay switch) select flap type Electric Pneumatic select smoke generator smoldering smoke, open smoldering smoke, closed friction smoke wood chips liquid smoke steam smoke, two sensors steam smoke, one sensor select sensor type PT 100 Electric select pH-value without pH-value sensor with pH-value sensor select ion smoke without Ionsmoke with Ionsmoke select cleaning None 1 cleaning position 2 cleaning positions 3 cleaning positions 4 cleaning positions 5 cleaning positions 6 cleaning positions 7 cleaning positions 8 cleaning positions 9 cleaning positions select chamber light With Without select shower Yes No select language En Em Software Plan | EBCloud SC-V ID